Apparently it’s not socially acceptable for a man to invite another man out just for coffee or to go out for a meal, in case it’s perceived as a date. Like it’s fine if you wanna go to the pub and drink beer and have a chat but make it non-alcoholic and suddenly you’re not straight anymore? You can go to the cinema together but ONLY if it’s an action movie. You guys can’t even just go shopping with each other. Oh masculinity, so fragile, so strange. 

Like, black girls can do so much with their hair cause of the way it’s textured, and mine is all flat and boring. I’m soooo jealous! It’s one of the reasons I wish I were a black girl, to be honest.

Psychology major (She also said, upon seeing a picture of Lupita Nyong’o, that black people just shouldn’t wear pastels.)

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Stop The Beauty Madness is a series of 25 advertisements branded with honest messages that highlight the true “madness” involved in creating and meeting beauty standards. Rice, an author and the founder of Be Who You Are Productions, started the campaign to challenge an internalized belief that a woman’s beauty determines her value.

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